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Flame Retardant


Flame Retardant


Plastics are combustible as they are based on hydrocarbons. Flame retardant masterbatch is designed to delay the spread of fire in order to protect the people and property. Flame retardants are categorized as follow:

Phosphorous compounds that forms char. It hinders the release of combustible gases and act as shield in order to protect the polymer from heat of flame.

Bromine Flame Retardant releases the active bromine atoms into the gas phases before the material reaches its ignition temperature and the chemical reactions quenches within the flame. This prevents the
spread of fire.

Inorganic compounds are used in large concentrations in order to achieve the desired results.


Flame retardant are used in numerous applications to reduce the risk of fire spread. Some typical applications are Upholstered Furniture, Buildings Cables Transport (airplanes, ships, trains, cars), tarpaulins, industrial shrink films, home appliances, automotive parts, electrical parts, electronics. It reduces the risk of endangering the consumers even when the product gets damages or catches fire thus minimizing the risk and protection human life and health.


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