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Anti Block


Anti Block


Generally the manufactures have to encounter with the problem of blocking of films. Anti block masterbatch is required to modify the surface characteristics of the polymer film  by reducing blocking, facilitating handling and processing. Blocking is the adhesion of two adjacent layer of the film. This problem is generally required to deal with olyethylene and polypropylene films. The blocking of adjacent layers of film occurs due to the presence of Ven Der Waal's forces between the regions of the film. As the distance reduces between two layers the forces increase and end up with blocking. This causes the hindrance in production process.


The use of masterbatchs called "ANTIBLOCK" resolves two major problems often encountered in the film industry

1 – The facilitation of rolling film coils. During film rolling, air bubbles can be trapped between successive spires which can cause small localised flaws. The coils thus manufactured are no longer cylindrical, and
the film isn't perfectly flat when it is unrolled.

2 - The "blocking" effect results from the adhesion developed between two smooth layers of film placed in contact with each other with polyethylene and polypropylene films, by a "CAST" or an "inflation" (BLOWN) process, even after lamination.


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