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UV Masterbatch


UV Masterbatch


UV attack by sunlight can be ameliorated or prevented by adding anti-UV polymer stabilizers, usually prior to shaping the product by injection moulding. UV stabilizers in plastics usually act by absorbing the UV
radiation preferentially, and dissipating the energy as low-level heat. The chemicals used are similar to those in sunscreen products, which protect skin from UV attack. The effects of UV degradation on materials that require a long service life can be measured with accelerated exposure tests. With modern solar concentrator technologies, it is possible to simulate 63
years of natural UV radiation exposure on a test device in a single year


HITech UV is a synergistic mixture of additives. It is a versatile light stabilizer with good extraction resistance, low gasfading and low pigment interaction. It is particularly well suited for LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE films, tapes and thick sections and for PP films. It is used in tarpaulins, shrink films, greenhouse films, polycarbonate sheets, UV stabilizers prevent this damage and will also impede chalking. These functional additives can either reflect or absorb UV
light before it can begin polymer degradation and fade the product’s color. UV absorbers which will absorb the light and dissipate its energy.


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