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Anti Viral and Bacterial – Nano Copper


Anti Viral and Bacterial - Nano Copper


Metals, such as copper can be extremely effective against bacteria at exceptionally low concentrations. Because of this biocidal activity, metals have been widely used as antimicrobial agents in a multitude of applications related with agriculture, healthcare, and the industry in general. Unlike other antimicrobial agents, metals are stable under conditions currently found in the industry allowing their use as additives.
Cu nanoparticles can be more easily oxidized when interacting with cell membranes containing higher O2 concentration as compared with the cell media.


Nano Copper can be used in applications involving mass production of thermoplastics.
Food: including packaging, food containers, cutting-boards, food conveyor belts etc.
Hygiene: including mattress covers, protective equipment such as overalls, face masks, hair nets, caps, gloves, garbage and laundry bags.. Transportation/Office/Home: including handrails, door handles, seats, walls etc. in cars, buses, trains etc.


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