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Anti Fog cold and hot fog


Anti Fog cold and hot fog


Antifog masterbatch is formulated to reduce or prevent formation of water droplets on the surface of the product by merging them and form the continues transparent layer in order to maintain the clarity of film.
Food packaging and horticulture firms are designed in such a way that prevent water droplet cloudiness, low volatility and also prevent yellowish effect along with negative effect over transparency and odor of the film.
The following factors are taken into consideration while the process take place: Thickness of the film and condition of the manufacturing process, Methods of


HiTech anti-fogging treatments used on glass or plastic surfaces in optical applications such as lenses and goggles. Anti-fogging treatments, either those that are
put onto the surface of optically clear plastic products or those that are put into a masterbatch format to become an inherent part of the plastic, work by minimizing surface tension — which results in a nonscattering film of water instead of single droplets. This works by altering the degree of wetting.


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